TCS Newsletter 7.17.23

Welcome to our Telluride Choral Society Newsletter!

We wanted to share with you all a series of fun facts about singing in a choir.  We will be looking at the benefits of singing for your body, heart and mind, relationships, and spirit.  Here in our first installment, we share a bit about how singing in a choir supports your physical well-being.

Singing in a choir is actually strongly related to overall health!

First, singing improves your posture, breathing and overall level of tension.  It is an antidote for fatigue and induces a state of relaxation and regulation.  In general, singing reduces stress.

Singing has been actually found to activate the vagal nerve and engage the parasympathetic nervous system, which reduces stress and helps you to feel calm, relaxed and engaged.

Singing regulates respiration (obviously we control our breath as we are singing!) which has a host of benefits to the body, the nervous system, and the mind.  Focused breathing actually lowers blood pressure and heart rate and reduces stress hormones in the blood.

The bottom line here is that singing in a choir actually helps us to create and sustain our health.  We will talk more about the health benefits of singing in future newsletters.

If you or someone you know might like to sing with us this fall and begin receiving the benefits of singing – please sign up here:

Adults:  Sign-Up Here for WinterSing 2023 Chorale

Kids:  Sign-Up Here for WinterSing 2023 Student Choirs

Best of health to you,
The TCS Board
Hal Adler, Artistic Director