‘Requiem for Eagles’

Premiere of ‘Requiem for Eagles’ at Palm Theater, October 11, 2015

Requiem for Eagles

After his tenure in Telluride,  Dr. David Lingle was the director of the Alamo City Men’s Chorale (ACMC) in San Antonio, Texas.  He composed a mass setting called “Requiem for Eagles” for the ACMC’s March 2012 concert entitled, Songs of Flight.  The mass was originally composed for male voices.   “Requiem for Eagles” was given a partial performance at this concert, but the piece was left largely unfinished at the time of his death.  After some time, friends from his time in Telluride learned of the existence of the rough-pencil draft score of the piece, and then worked with the composer’s family to secure the unfinished score and other material. Over the next two years, Lingle’s friend and colleague Dalen Stevens (a musician/composer and vocalist with Telluride Choral Society) prepared a completed score for chorus, orchestra, and organ. This version premiered in both Telluride and Durango in October 2015 in a joint performance by the Telluride and Durango Choral Societies, conducted by Linda Mack Berven, the Artistic Director of Durango Choral Society.  A  second performance of “Requiem for Eagles” was performed by the San Juan Symphony with the Durango and Telluride chorales, under the direction of Thomas Heuser in October 2017.  In April 2016, Lingle (posthumously honored) and Stevens were awarded the prestigious Chorus America / ASCAP Alice Parker Award for the work.

Co-composer & orchestral arranger, Dalen Stevens, reviewing scores of ‘Requiem for Eagles’
Members of Telluride & Durango Choral Societies in performance of ‘Requiem for Eagles’, November 2017 with the San Juan Symphony

‘Requiem for Eagles’, October 11, 2015 at the Palm Theatre, Telluride, CO